A hopeful creative.

Processed with VSCO with s2 presetHi everybody!
This feels weird. A few years ago, Andrew and I started this blog. We weren’t really sure what we wanted to do with it or where it would go but essentially we wanted a creative outlet of sorts. Clearly, we stuck with it..*insert “ha, ha.” The end of our short lived blog was mostly due to our little one, Randy, arriving and all the life shifts that created. I switched job locations and we ended up moving out of our little studio loft in Midtown to a house in Doraville slightly OTP (outside the perimeter of ATL).

Many of you may be wondering then, “okay, so what are you doing on this blog now?” Honestly, I’m not sure. But I have felt a desire to learn and rediscover some level of creativity within myself. Andrew recently picked up a book for me to learn more about art, I normally doodle but again, I wanted to learn more. My mother also recently picked up a book for me regarding the art of calligraphy which has been so differently creative and relaxing. The point is, I am searching. For what? I’m honestly not sure.

I DO know that I have felt pulled in many directions with my heart wanting to explore MORE of life but not really knowing how to begin this process. The negative self-talk also doesn’t help: “I don’t really know how to draw things, so why even try,” or, “I like to write stories but I’m not great at it so I don’t think that’s for me either…” that kind of thing. But this is a new year and I’m edging my way to 30. I am tired of waiting for that moment in my life when someone will just hand me a permission slip that allows me to finally start exploring my creative side and stop comparing myself to people via social media. I realized it is up to me to allow myself to explore different avenues of life and what it has to offer. So I will create, even if it isn’t for the masses. I will write, even if people don’t think it’s great or even grammatically correct (it’s been a REALLY long time since high school English, y’all).

So, here we are, a hopeful creative. I have given myself permission with the reminder that it is okay if I don’t “stick to a schedule” with this and to take this journey one step at a time.

So I guess that’s where I will leave this first little entry. If you wonder what you’ll most likely find here, it’ll be things that make me happy or what I am working towards including: environmentally friendly things, photographs, my new goal to be a vegan, Disney, 2nd hand shopping, art, calligraphy, writing, and so on~I’m sure Andrew will pop back in as well.

I hope to be here as often as I can. Thanks for being here y’all.

ps. Changes to the blog in the near future are probable.