Weekly Obsessions – Her

Phew! These last few weeks have been crazy for the both of us! Andrew signed with a local talent agent and flew off to California! (Blog post coming soon about the travels). I had my mama and cousin visit me in Atlanta and it was so wonderful! Any who, sorry it’s been so quiet here recently. I thought I would kick off our, “welcome back to the blog world” with a weekly obsession post! Hope you enjoy!

  1. This David Bowie print from Society6 is EVERYTHING.
  2. I seriously cannot stop watching this Disney Love Medley , what’s better is they are dating and are literally singing a Disney Love Medley to each other. COUPLE GOALS.
  3. Eating at home. I know that may sound boring, but Andrew and I made a pact that we were going to find more joy in eating at home. We break this pact every so often for wing night and Taco Tuesday, duh.
  4. I have previously listened to the podcast Magic Lessons but recently have been delving back into what Liz Gilbert has to say about creativity. When I have a particular day of questioning/judging myself, I have been turning this podcast up and reminding myself that it is okay to explore my creative side and enjoy doing it. If you haven’t checked this podcast out yet, you really should!
  5. I subscribed to the magazine, Real Simple awhile ago! It is such a fun little treat getting this magazine in the mail and I look forward to it every month!
  6. I recently updated my mat at LuLuLemon and I am IN LOVE with it. The quality of the mat is insane and has made my practice so enjoyable.
  7. King of Pops salted caramel popsicle dipped in chocolate. Enough said.
  8. Another Society6 reference, but Giulio Rossi painting. I can’t even. It’s so pretty.
  9. The trees are starting to bloom in ATL and it makes me so happy!



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